“Macelleria” is a word I learned after being here for a week or two. I would see it all the time, usually as the name of a store … so I asked Kathy or someone what it was. It is a meat shop.

“Cavallo” is another Italian word I have learned. If you know any Spanish, you might have guessed it is a “horse.”

 As I was walking to Piazza San Marco a couple weeks ago, this window caught my eye.


As I looked at the words and the painting of horse heads … it didn’t take fluency in Italian to figure out what this store was. I thought – is this really what I think it is? Then I looked through the window at some of the meats. The first one I saw was “Salami di Cavallo.” Horse salami … I was almost tempted to buy some (NOT).

Now, perhaps you are familiar with people eating horse, but I did not grow up with horse on my dinner plate. I think of horses as sweet animals that you ride around on … not serve with mashed potatoes and gravy! Since then, I saw another horse meat shop, but I’m not planning to go to one anytime soon.