Last Sunday, was a full day (as is every Sunday!!)! I was able to witness my first baptism in Italy! It was a very exciting and joyful time. The man baptized is actually Ukrainian. His mom came to Italy to work, and then he came here to work as well. She came to know the Lord, and then some time later, her son did too! It is a reminder to me of how our sovereign God works in so many ways to bring the Gospel to people. It makes me think of a missionary professor I had at The Master’s College. I don’t remember the exact details, but he decided to travel through Europe to Asia. He ended up getting saved through a random man he met on the streets of India! We certainly have an amazing, powerful God!


 After church, we had an “Agape.” The Italians get this term straight from the Bible (but they pronounce it differently than we Americans would pronounce the Greek word). It’s a common word used here among Christians in reference to a church dinner. The weather was a bit cool and drizzly, so we ended up having to set up tables inside rather than outside. But there was not enough room inside, so we young people got to go outside (thankfully the raining was all over). I really enjoyed this time – eating amazing Italian food (there was so much!!), meeting some new people, getting to know the young people better, trying to communicate in Italian … good times! Here are a few pictures from the Agape.


Anna and Elena are names of the girls in the last picture. Elena is helping me some with learning Italian. She wants to practice English, and I need to practice Italian! They are both in the Italian Youth Group. 

After a brief time of rest and a cup of coffee, Frank, Kathy, and I headed off to Venice for the Filipino church service. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to get to the apartment where we meet (they do not have a building to meet in). First, we have to drive about 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic. Then we take a bus the rest of the way into Venice, which is about 10-15 minutes. Then we take a boat taxi down the Grand Canal from Piazzale Roma to the Rialto Bridge, and this is about a 10 minute ride. Then we walk about 5-10 minutes to the apartment (the timing of this depends how late we are and how fast a pace Frank sets!). After our service, we celebrated the 6th birthday of one of the little Filipino boys. There is often a time of food and fellowship after the service. Here is a picture of Erika and me – she is one of the Filipino Youths. She is a sweet girl with a desire to know the Lord, and I am enjoying getting to know her. It was so cool, because I was able to get Erika a John MacArthur Study Bible! She had told Frank she wanted a Study Bible, and she was asking for what kind. I asked Frank if I could see what I could do to get her a MacArthur Study Bible. Well, the Lord provided one and I got it from Lucio Stanisci at the Focus Conference! She was so excited when I gave it to her on Saturday!


I am not familiar with posting pictures on here (I am learning about the world of blogs!), so let me know how these came out. Can you click on the small ones to see a larger image? I was just trying it different ways – let me know if it doesn’t work this way! 🙂