When I arrived here in Italy, it was at the end of the King’s son, daughter-in-law, and grandson’s visit. They were staying with Frank and Kathy, which meant there was not much room for me at their house too. But they made it work. Here is a picture of how it worked. J


This is the church kitchen … a.k.a. … my bedroom for 4 days. It puts a whole new meaning to breakfast in bed, don’t you think?! J The King’s house and the Italian church are attached, and this kitchen is in the downstairs portion of the King’s house (the King’s kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, etc. are upstairs). Frank decided to try the bed there in the church kitchen, because there were sliding doors which allowed me to have some privacy. The other option was the living room, which everyone would need to walk through periodically. And when the bed fit in the kitchen, it seemed like a good solution. We all got some good laughs out of it! My bedroom became a point of interest … once one person found out, he showed someone else – they had a good laugh – and then they showed someone else. Each time there were people at the church or the Kings, my kitchen bedroom would be shown off. J It was very funny. It was much better than the cardboard box my uncle offered to send me to live on the street in! J I had “my own” bathroom … the church bathroom … which actually has a little shower in it. This worked out really well, until Sunday morning. I was almost ready for church, when people started to arrive. I started to head into the bathroom to curl my hair, when one of the teenage guys came out. At that point, I decided to invade the upstairs bathroom.

As I mentioned, this was my room for 4 days. I have since upgraded to the upstairs – I have a nice spacious bedroom and a bathroom right next door.

As far as my living arrangements go, I am living at the King’s house for right now. We are keeping our eyes out for an apartment. There is actually a possibility that we are looking into … please keep this in prayer. Thanks!