First of all … thank you so much for all your prayers regarding my visa. There have been so many people praying and asking me how things are going and if I’ve heard anything. I appreciate that beyond words!

 I found out today that my request for a visa was denied … not exactly what I was hoping for. So, the big question is … what does this mean? At this time, I can’t tell you exactly what it means, because I do not know. It does not mean that I’m not going to Italy … I am still going ahead as if I am leaving on schedule on September 19th. I need to get in touch with the missionaries and my mission agency to see what my next steps are. After that, I can give you a further update.

Ways you can pray:

1.  That I can get in touch with Frank and Kathy King (the missionaries in Venice). They went out of town yesterday and are not returning until Monday, so please pray that I will be able to contact them.

2.  Pray for wisdom … wisdom for the Kings, for the mission agency, me, and my church. I do not know how things are going to unfold over the next few days, but I’m sure decisions will need to be made, for which wisdom will be required.

3.  Pray that I will continue to trust the Lord through this process and that He will receive the glory He deserves!

God’s timing in this is amazing … I want to devote a blog entry to this, so I’m not going to say much right now. But, He is good all the time, His ways are perfect, and He is completely sovereign!

Stay tuned for further information …