July 2007

Due to not having the internet at home, it is a bit difficult at times to keep up with e-mails and blogging. Therefore, this is a long post updating y’all on a few different areas:


I just returned from Southern California, where I enjoyed a marvelous vacation with my parents. We were blessed to stay for a week at a timeshare that my mom was given from her class last year! What a huge blessing! We stayed at Capistrano Beach – right across the street from the beach. We went to Dana Point, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and more places that I’m sure I forgot.

The best part of the trip for me was seeing friends from college. A couple girls from my wing came over and hung out for the afternoon one day – it was so great to see them! Our hotel was about 15 minutes from my dear friend Mary’s house – which was basically amazing! We got to hang out several times and enjoy hours of talking, laughing, movies, food, coffee (of course!), and more talking and laughing! We ended our vacation by spending the night in Santa Clarita (where I attended The Master’s College). I was able to have dinner with a couple friends – so great! Then on Sunday, I got to attend Grace Community Church, which was my church at college for a year and a half. I have been looking forward to that for the last couple months. I got to hear my college pastor – Rick Holland – preach an amazing message out of James 4:1-10. Also, Dr. Mayhue preached for John MacArthur (who was on vacation – sad times!), and he preached a great message from Rev. 19. I was so blessed by the preaching, worship, and fellowship with God’s people there! I was able to see so many friends.

It was a very refreshing time for me, and I praise God for the opportunities He gave me!


I applied for my visa about a week and a half ago. I haven’t heard anything yet – I am assuming it will take a while. I will update you as soon as I hear anything!

I am going to start on my next newsletter – so you can be looking out for that.


I have had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a few people this summer … please pray for their salvation!

Prayer Requests:

          That I would trust the Lord as I am getting overwhelmed with the fact that I am really going to Venice, Italy for a year … and there is a lot to do before September 19th when I leave!

          That the Lord would continue to provide financial and prayer support.

          That my visa would be granted in a timely manner.


          I have been so blessed to see the generosity of people in giving financially! It’s wonderful to watch people faithfully serve the Lord with what He has given them!

          I am rejoicing in my salvation. I am so thankful that the Lord chose me – He opened my blind eyes and brought me to Himself! I always have a reason to be thankful. In C.J. Mahaney’s words, “I’m better than I deserve.”


It’s official – I’m going to Italy … I bought my plane tickets last week!  I’m leaving September 19th … Lord willing!  I found tickets at a good price … Praise the Lord!

As you might know, I was going to be applying for a Student Visa, but we (the missionaries and I) have decided to go the route of a religious visa instead.  So, Lord willing, I will be applying for that by the end of this week (that’s the goal at least!).  Please keep my visa in prayer!

Support is slowly coming in … please pray that the Lord will continue to provide!  I have seen Him provide in some amazing ways thus far – what a blessing to be a part of this and see His sovereignty at work!

Last week, I had the opportunity to share about the Lord with a little 6 year old girl at work. What an unexpected blessing! I was talking to this girl and saying that her hair was very pretty and curly. The following is how the conversation went …

Hannah: “You’re hair is so pretty and curly.”

C: “I know, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

H: “Oh really, and why is it supposed to be like that?”

C: “Because that’s the way God made it.”

H: “How do you know God made it that way?”

C: “Because God does everything!” (the sovereignty of God from the mouth of a six year old!)

The conversation went on and I asked her how she knew about God and if she learned about Him at church. She said she didn’t go to church but she read her Bible – her picture Bible. She said that she loves to read her Bible and learn about God. I asked her if she knew who Jesus was, and she said she knew a little about Him – that He was “mounted on a cross.” I asked if she knew why He died on the cross, to which she replied: “I’m not sure.  I suppose it’s because He had nails in Him.”  I laughed very hard inside and re-worded my question, and she did not have an answer. I briefly explained the Gospel to her … and then it was time to go.  Sadly, I have not seen her again.  I found out later that had been C’s last day at camp.  When I heard that, I praised God for the opportunity to plant a little seed before the opportunity was gone.

Being able to share a little of the Gospel with her was the biggest encouragement to me! I sometimes feel like my job is a little pointless … but then I’m reminded of why God has me there. I’m to be a light in the darkness. I want to proclaim Jesus Christ wherever I am! And it was a reminder to me of how the most mundane conversation – curly hair – can lead into the majesty of God as Creator and how He sent His Son to be our Redeemer! Praise God!

God is so good … I have been reminded of that a lot lately! 

Youth Retreat was awesome!  I was so blessed by those days away from normal life … listening to good preaching … ministering to teens … fellowshipping with other believers.  It was a great time!

My visa situation is … I don’t even know what.  I guess on hold for the moment.  I’ve checked into the options concerning a student visa that I am aware of, and I’ve come to a dead end.  So, unless the Lord provides money for me to go to an expensive language school, I think I’m going to need to find another option … I think that means another type of visa.  So, I will keep ya’ll updated concerning the progress there.  Please keep that situation in prayer!  And please pray for me to continue to trust the Lord!

Happy 4th of July!  I’m hanging low today … I’m exhausted from retreat.